1 Chronicles 2

First Word Hot Day House

Which speak loudest of information?

  1. First Word Hot Day House
  2. 1 Chronicles 2

The meanings of the original numbers, letters and words cannot fail.

Language creates reality.  Reality does not create language.

The English translation created a different reality than what our pen wrote between 1845 BC and 70 AD.

The basis of the reality we originally created is rooted in FIRST translated as Genesis.  Infusion of gender, direction, time, etc, which did not exist in the original text created a different reality.

A reality that has infused the planet with deep rooted beliefs that cause great harm to the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD.  Beliefs about an imperfect God that could not create perfection.  Therefore there is sin, hell, death, condemnation, struggle, pain, blame, etc. ad nauseam.

The original creation story is not lost only buried under a dump truck of unnecessary words that distort the picture.

Remove all of these added words, misunderstood progressions and discover the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD.

When we understand FIRST; then we recognize it when the story is repeated.  We get lost when we think that the geneologies are about people.  Perhaps this is why the church does not touch these with a ten foot pole.  To stir this pot would cause great ripples in the argumentuam ad nauseam.

This website is about stirring the pot; so the scum can be skimmed off and the original beauty of clear water can be seen.  Letter #13 is water, the first created form.  There are 13 water builders that begin the process of creating the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD in the womb of the Black Madonna,  lower egypt/earth.

When we insist upon these FIRSTGENESIS 13 builders being sons of some human person we are stuck in deep mud.  The mud then just gets deeper and deeper.  Impossible to see the growing Lily in the 32 generating coming out of lower egypt/earth into  the 34 generating of upper egypt the Queens House.

The translated word son means builder and there are a plethora of other words that mean builder but is translated as: afflicted, age, Ahoh- Ammon- Hachmon-, Lev-ite, anoint-ed one, appointed to,arrow, Asssyr-, Babylon, Egypt, Grec-ian,one born, bough, branch, breed, young bullock, young calf, came up in, child, colt, common, corn, daughter,of first, firstborn, foal, very fruitful, postage, in, kid, lamb, man, meet, mighty, nephew, old, people, rebel, robber, servant born, soldier, son, spark steward, stranger, surely, them of, tumultous one, valiant, valieantest, whelp, worthy, young, one, youth.

Yet it is the word son that is translated for builder and we make the wrong assumption that this is a male gender and daughter is female gender and they are not.  Builder is a neutral word.

When we understand FIRST and see the creation process; then we can understand builder.  We can see what is being built; starting with the original meanings of the book, chapter, verse letters/numbers/words.

Original meanings of letters/numbers/words are the builders that reconstruct the original texts.

First Word of Hot Day House = book and chapter.  The words tell us verse by verse what is present in that House indicated by the number and corresponding letter of each verse.

There is no way to see them unless we stay with ONLY THE ORIGINAL MEANINGS.

There is another word daughter which is a punctured female word, non gender.  It is an egyptian  bath, a measurement of water.