Red Heifer with symbol of one united Oxhead

One United OXhead

These audios are spoken with the word meanings of the original texts from which KJB was translated.

PDF SCRIPTS of some of these audios is available for download in the e-store.  These contain the exact words of the audio plus additional information.  There may be a table or other such data.  The neutral/male/female non gender words are also identified for additional clarification of what is being said.

These audios expand upon that original work 20 years of research documented in the 4-e-books We Are All Egyptians.  Available in the Library in two separate volumes or individual chapters.  Fifteen chapters are based upon one word TRANSFIGURATION.  The other ten chapters expand upon what was discovered in that word.

A1 First One United OX.lite
A2 First Spiritual Door of Copulation.lite
A3 First Window Complete reveals spiritual and mortal adam.lite
A4 He Will Be Made Little.lite